27 May 2011

Inglot Malaysia First Flagship Store in Sout East Asia.

Soft launch of Inglot! ;p 

As promised, I head off to Inglot in Sunway Pyramid as soon as possible ;p The size of the store is just nice. I believe they carry the whole range of product here!

I shall write less and let the pictures do the talking ;) The pictures certainly didn't do any justice to the beautiful colours. Price list is at the end ;)

Feast your eyes with these babies!!! ;)

Freedom System!

Lip Palette

Loose Eyeshadows


AMC LipGloss. This is gorgeous. Don't they? This is one of my favourite.

So many shades to choose from!

Bronzing and Highlighting Powder

Lip Duo.

  • Square pan eyeshadow RM28
  • Freedom Palette 10's RM43
  • Loose Powder RM88
  • Translucent Powder RM76
  • AMC Pressed Powder RM76
  • Bronzing Powder 9g RM76
  • Bronzing Powder 10g RM86
  • Multicolor System Highlighting Powder RM88
  • Body Bronzer RM110
  • Blush RM50-56
  • Cream Foundation RM76
  • Corrective Illuminator RM76
  • Perfect Concealer RM76
  • YSM Cream Foundation RM64
  • AMC Mousse Foundation RM62
  • AMC Cream Concealer RM56
  • Cream Powder RM68
  • AMC Lip Gloss RM62
  • Precision Lip Liner RM38
  • Lip Liner Crayon RM50
  • Lip Pencil RM44
  • Lip Paint RM50
  • Lip Paint Duo RM56
  • Inglot Sleeks RM44
  • Lipstick RM50
  • Loose Eyeshadow RM62
  • Liquid Eyeliner RM44
  • Body Sparkle RM70
  • Eyeliner Gel RM48
  • Eye Lip Crayon RM44
  • Nail Polish RM50
From the price list I can safely say that this brand will be accepted by many Malaysian with open heart (and open wallet too) ! No?
I might have missed some of the pricing. To know more you just have to visit them;p Color lover, you won't be disappointed. Pinky promise ;)

Before makeover

She is so nice and friendly!
Inglot's Polish makeup artist, Ms Francisca Ackland, she has been with Inglot for 4 years! 

The essentials

My first haul from Inglot.

She is amazing! She helped me to pick out colours for my freedom palette. My FIRST freedom palette!

Loving the colours already??

When you gonna drop by people??? 
I am hooked!
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