25 April 2011

EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop spf15

I came across this super adorable cute lip balm through a make up video in Youtube. Few of the gurus I subscribed to are in love with EOS Lip Balm. I am pretty much easy to influence when it comes to cosmetic ;p Plus recently my lips is not in so good condition. =(

A little facts about the company. The company is called Evolution Of Smooth (I guess that is how they came up with EOS?) They have all kinds of products, not only lip balm ;)

Available in 5 flavours!!!

 Too bad I only have Lemon Drop.

The thing I love the most about this product is the smell! For Lemon Drop, I feel like biting off the lip balm every time I apply it on! So yummeh! I choose Lemon Drop because this is the only flavour that has SPF15 in it and I love lemon!

It does make my lips feel smooth and SUPER smoochable when I have them on. Without the lip balm on, my lips still pretty much dry. I guess this is not really a treatment lip balm where it is gone, your lips will still feel soft and moisturised. Another plus point is for the packaging. Of course you won't be able to bring this to a dinner function if you only have a small clutch with you but for everyday use, this is very practical. Why? I normally carry a huge bag to college and to find a small normal size lip balm may take forever but with this? Literally, took few seconds! =D The smell.. SUPER addictive, I guess that is the main reason why I applied this lip balm so often (another reason is just to showoff.hehehe..)! As for the taste, it is mild sugary sweet(yum!).

I prefer EOS Lip Balm over my Hado Labo, now I am waiting for Sephora to open its door. I want to get Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm (I heard it is reeeally good!)

  • Smell really good!
  • Easy to find,especially if your bag is BIG with NO compartment!
  • With SPF15 (lemon drop only)
  • Does not really moisturizes the lips once the lip balm is gone.
  • Bulky to be carried in dinner clutch
  • Not available in the store (Malaysia)
I do not have any complain on this product because I literally use it every single hour I am awake. All of us need a a little twist in our daily boring lip balm applying routine and THIS IS IT! An egg shape lip balm with a super extremely delicious smell!

Where to get?

You can get this lip balm online. For Malaysian, you can get this from Mavis in Lowyat forum @ RM23. For Singaporean, you can get this from Magical Tansu @ SGD11.90. They may not sell it at the cheapest price but so far these are the only person I know having it as ready stock. If you have any lobang(sources), be nice and do share! ;p They do sell it in EOS website itself ;)

Remember my previous La Foret mask review? I manage to get the products through a friend. I am in love with the cleanser and the moisturizer and with the mask as well! ;D

My birthday is coming up in a month. I should do a giveaway should I? ;D A giveaway to thank all of you for visiting my blog(and to get more followers LOL)

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