14 March 2011

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel

Hello ladies! 
How was your weekend. I MIA for more than a week..Sorry.. But I am back! And it's mid March already! Time flies. Literally. 
I assume you might have probably notice that SaSa is having their 33th anniversary sale now. I was really happy to find out that Balmbini from The Balm is having 33% off! When I was in SaSa it got better! All The Balm products are having 33% off! 
Below is my latest haul and I couldn't wait to share on of the products I bought!!!
Love! Love! Love.... the product so much!

As you can see I am going to review the brightening peeling gel!

How often do you exfoliates? I normally do my scrub routine whenever I feel I have a layer of gunk on my skin. Especially around my nose. I am the most typical kind of girl where I have to squeeze those gunk out whenever I see them. I know doing extraction on your own is bad.. I just can't help it. Been cleaning my own pores since I am a teenager ;p

So far, this product is similar to Cure, when you rub your skin you will see those whitish thing forming (claimed to be your dead skin. I highly doubt it), Etude house has one too, Magic Bubble Peel, in mousse form.


I tried both of them. Nothing much to rave about but do let me know if you want me to review them! ;)

Now lets move on to Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel before I go off track again...

I bought it for RM33 with any purchase of RM33 and above during SaSa 33th anniversary sale. I believe they still have the promo going on. So if you decided to try this, you might wanna get it during the sale! The retail price is roughly RM60 plus. Can't remember the exact amount. With that price, you will be getting 120ml worth of product.

Exfoliation is really really really important! 10 years from now, believe me you will be thankful that you exfoliates! If the skin is piled up with serum, impurities and old corneous tissues, the skin looks full and rough. Likewise, the skin pore looks flapped because the skin loses moisture coherence. That is why I am doing them now. But please bear in mind that doing it excessively might result in overly thinning your skin surface. That is why the instruction says, use twice a week ;) 

What they say:

Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel contains natural formula extracted from Cotton Fibers Cellulose that peels off oil corneous tissues or sebum to make the skin clean and pure.

The fibers and Bark Extract peels off useless corneous tissues without irriatation.While,
Rhus Semialate Gall Extract, Disospyros Kaki Leaf Extract and Laricyl LS58865 (wtf is this?) are highly effective in pore reduction and soothing skin. Lastly, Phyto-Oligo, which is excellent in holding moisture, and honey formula hydrate the skin after peeling.

What I say:
Almost 99.9% of the time, when I  pick up a new product the first thing I do would be to take a sniff ;p I love how dermatologically tested products smell. No fancy, cutesy (?) smell. This product smell like a tea tree oil. Very calming feeling ;)

The texture of the product is a bit liquidy. So be careful not to squirt too much.

The minute you rub them, you can actually see the fibers become visible. I like the idea of using fibers as exfoliator compared to micro beads. They are way more gentle.

Downside, I don't notice any changes in my pore size. They are still as huge as previously. 
How to use:
It is suggested to use 1-2 times a week, according to the skin types: 
oily skin use 1-2 times a week; normal skin use once a week; dry skin twice a month. Downside, I don't notice any changes in my pore size. They are still as huge as previously. 

After cleansing, apply a proper amount of peeling gel to damp face. Avoid eye area and mouth.
Gently massage with finger tips for 2-minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with water. 
For sensitive skin, do not rub your face too hard and long. It is more effective when you massage softly.
Not too sure how well this will work for sensitive skin, do consult the beautician or your doctor before you try them ;)

Did you try any of Dr.G product before? Any famous product from them do you think I should try??? :D 

Have a nice week ahead! Keep Japan in your prayers :)
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