04 March 2011

The Brazillian (Solaris) - I Love Discounts

Who doesn't love good deals? I am glad Malaysia, well at least around the Klang Valley, we have quite a number of websites giving us the latest best deal. Saving us, especially the ladies our bucks on all the necessary stuff. Riiiiiight?  ;)

One of the site that is up and coming with all the great deals is I ♥ Discounts.

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They gave me a voucher for legs waxing service at The Brazilian, Mont Kiara. Since I barely have any hair on my legs (so grateful for that) I pass the voucher to one of my bestie, Andie ;) After finding out that I am not a wax virgin anymore she is anxious to try as well! She even go for Hollywood waxing a.k.a All Off. Together with the voucher she is entitled for 40% off any other wax. We planned to go earlier on but it was the "fall of the empire" as a result we have to delay our plan for 3 weeks!

Their therapist are said to have more than 5 years experience in waxing. Which is crucial, aside from the other basic hygiene practices such as no double dipping, wearing mask and latex gloves the whole time handling a client. Mask and gloves will not be recycled as well. Another impressive point, they always sterilize the waxing equipment. Waxing with a peace of mind ;)

Consultation session. To prepare her mentally ;P

(After) See her cheerful face! - All clean huh? ;P

According to Andie, the waxing was not painful at all! Even on the most sensitive part! Amazing! Maybe it is her pain tolerance level? Or simply the therapist skill? ;P
She did mentioned that her wax smells like strawberry!!! I want as well! Previously mine was odourless :(

Since Andie have sensitive skin, they recommended a serum to be used. It is ROSYVELLE France Hydrating Serum(Vita E) 3.5ml for RM15.

Quick absorbing and leaving skin pretty hydrated. Can be used up to 4 times!

Overall, according to Andie, the experience was a pleasant one ;)

Psst, there will be 50% off for first trial! Good for you pretty ladies who is wax virgin and want to find out how it feels before getting committed to a full price waxing session.

The Brazilian is located in Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara.
Call 0362040761 for appointment.

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