31 January 2011

How to dry your nail polish quickly? Daiso Nail Color Dry Up Review

A lot of people mentioned that glittery nail polish are pain in the ass. Yes I do agree! They are! They are tough to apply. Tougher to dry and toughest to remove! But boy... they are gorgeous...

It will be extremely annoying and stressful if my freshly painted nails smudge!! It will be the end of the world! Especially when I spend 45 minutes to do them! I pretty much experiment with lots of nail polishes and I would love to find out if I can speed up the drying time. I tried so many method! Here are some of it.

First method I tried when I was a teenager is to place my freshly painted nails under running water.

credit to google

This method somehow works, but your nail polish won't dry instantly. The surface may appear dry but when you brushes up against hard surface, that will be the end of it. The water is room temperature what do you expect??

Next I tried the ice water method. I dipped my nails in the cold water. This work even better than the previous one. 

credit to google

The cold water will harden the nail polish really really quick. Love this method but really a lot of hassle! Preparing for the ice etc.. Even though this method work well I rarely do it.

Third is to use the conventional fan ;) Easiest no hassle method. Similar to the first one. For me this don't work well especially when glitters involved. Plus the time you need to wait for the polishes to completely dry is not as fast as you think it would be.

Next, I tried using product specifically made to speed up the drying time. The first and only product I tried is Etude House Quick Dry..

This thing really a waste of money la... I can't remember how much I bought it for. Should be at least RM9.90 ( I have a feeling it is more) Rather than waste money with this I rather go through all the hassle and do the ice water method.. After this product I have no faith in any other quick dry products.. All BS. This smell bad too :( Smell like the normal nail polish or thinner...

Lastly, super fast drying top coat. I tried Seche Vite. A lot of rave from Youtubers, I tell myself why not?

One thing you should know before investing in this. This top coat work really well. Dries in minutes. I would say around 5-10 minutes? BUT! Yes a big BUT! This top coat will only dry on the surface. When you apply your nail polish and apply this on top, this top coat will dry first before your nail polish. Especially if the nail polish you use is thick! I tried this with my glittery nail polish. It feels dry, I thought they had dried completely! I accidentally brushes up one of my nail and the top coat actually slide off!!!! Conclusion, STILL NEED TO WAIT! =.=

 Daiso has one product that will speed up the drying process as well!

I fall in love with Daiso the first moment I step in their store in SG last year. What not to love??? Each item for SGD2?? That is mad cheap! I was even more happy to find out that Malaysia have Daiso too!!!! Even happier when Daiso finally open in Sunway Pyramid!!! Visiting Daiso every 2 weeks is a must!!!

Okay..okay.. now get back to my initial review item ;p

Daiso Nail Color Dry Up

One word describe it all!

I grabbed this because it was RM5. Cheap ma... Without even hoping that this will work (maybe that is why I am so pleased =.= ) but it worked!

The Yay!

Really really really easy to use! Just spray on your nails for few seconds and they will dry almost instantly! But be reminded that this is not magic stuff. You still need to wait for few seconds.
What I would normally do is after my applying nail polish before top coat I will spray this on. To make sure that my nail polish dry inside out. Then followed up by top coat and then spray again. I really love this! Didn't regret even a bit ;p

When you spray this on you will feel a very very cold sensation. I guess that is why my nail polish dries so quickly ;) Best part? No funny, funky, awful smell! ;)

The Nay:(

Finish kinda fast :( Because I use it so often.. Later need to replenish stock ;p

Overall I say the Daiso one really worth trying! If you tried before let me know how you like it or hate it ;)

Just to show you my nails for Chinese New Year

Wanted to do red but felt so conventional since this year all my CNY dresses ARE red. So I did gold. Symbol of prosperity and money ( according to me wan ah..) Will pair this up with SUPER EXTREMELY metallic gold toe nails ;p

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