20 November 2010

Pastel Nail Color

Who doesn't love pastel nail color?
 Recently I go crazy over colours and painting my nails in weird color is one of the way I express  my love for colours. As you would have probably know I don't buy expensive nail polish . Well I use them but I don't buy because I have no money (blame the make up!!!). But my housemate collects them :p Lucky me to be able to steal some of her colours to use. 

I love pastel colours but I hate them at the same time. Most of the cheap pastel nail colours appear streaky. Urgh.. a total turn off! And when I say cheap they are not really cheap at all (for me)! They are ranging from RM7 to RM29!! 

Not to worry, recently I found a nail polish in pastel that doesn't gives you streaky result. The best part is I bought 4 yes FOUR at RM10 :p I bought them from OUG pasar malam. Too bad they don't have much pastel colours. Most of them are shimmery type. 

So here is the colour of the week :D

Aside from having only few pastel colours this nail polish didn't stay as long as OPI or Sally Hansen. This will last 4 days before they start to chip off.
I don't care anyway because they are RM2.50 each! They dry pretty fast too! Thats all I need =D

I seriously have no idea where this brand come from. But my best bet is from China. They manufacture everything in the world you know...

ps: The bottle kinda look like Orly right?  If I top this nail polish with my matte topcoat from Topshop the outcome look similar to Orly's Plastic Collection Viridian Vinyl...Hmmm......

Any new collection you are falling in love head over heel right now??? I am in love with Orly Cosmic Fx... 
BTW, I had a super awesome possum fun in Sephora :p So do expect a lot of Urban Decay reviews in December after exam! =D AND I just ordered my Kryolan Setting Spray!!! YAY!!!! Super Awesome!
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