13 November 2010

Lash Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

I know what you are thinking.. Nope nope this is not the Tokyo Lash Bar =P.
 This one is actually a new shop in Sunway Pyramid. They open approx 2 weeks ago. Early November. The guy told me that they have another branch in Sg Wang. So most probably some of you have been to the shop before.

Anyway this is my first time. I was super excited!! I wanted to take more photos but no camera allowed. So I stood outside the shop and start snapping.

They have brushes in store. I totally love their brushes!!! Most of it. They are so soft!!! And so super wallet friendly lor! I bought one foundation brush and the brush only cost me RM33 ( I was super broke after coming back from THAT Loreal sale!) Haih! Why they never open earlier! And they have so much eye brushes! ( I don't have to wait for spree from Coastal Scent lo!) Not limited to the normal universal shader brush.
Not much face brush tho.. They even have the famous 88 palette for RM45 only!! Now u can even go to the shop and swatched them before you buy! Happy right??? They even have the 120 colors palette for RM80, lip palette.. 

They even have super nice eyelashes!! Of course not comparable to the designer ones but still pretty!! They are very colourful! Natural hair eyelashes as well!! Argh!! Crazy!!! So many! Btw, the eyelashes are ranging from RM6 to RM50.

The shop is located in Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue Lot F1.AV.58

Interested to reach the person in charge?
Shanise Lai

Now feast your eyes with the pictures okay?

This is the foundation brush I bought for RM33! Super love this! Wish they have more choices for face brush ie flat buffer top, stippling brush, etc.. =(

I was wondering whether do you guys get super annoyed with X-large pictures? Because I realized most bloggers like it small. while I like it big =P Let me know okay? =D

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