07 November 2010

How to put on and remove your fake lashes (falsies) the painless way.

Eyelashes...Where would I be without them... =P 

Many of my friends wanted to try falsies but the initial stage of putting it on freaks them out. Well it is not that hard! =D There are many ways to put your eyelashes and seriously there is NO SPECIFIC RULE!!! Do what you feel most comfortable doing. Experiment. and eventually you will get the hang of it.
Don't be scared with your own fingers and eyes!!!

Many would have already know these, but I figured out many might not. So to those of you who just started with falsies..read on =D

These are steps that works for me =)

First I measure the falsies. See if they are too long for my tiny eyes. If yes I snip them off at the end. Snip the end with the longer hair.

If the length at both end are the same then choose any. Make sure you do the opposite for the other side of your lashes! ie if for the left ones you cut on the outer left, make sure the right ones you cut on the outer right. Geddit?
(Note: which part to cut also depends on your falsies design, because most of the dramatic falsies, the design is at the outer corner of the lashes.)

Most people that I know will put the lashes on first then only draw the eyeliner later. For me I draw my eyeliner first and apply the falsies later. Because if I accidentally place the falsies way up above my real lashes I have the eyeliner to cover my skin color. If I do it the opposite way, still can... But it would be harder for me to get the skin in between my real lashes and falsies.. 

I've been using black glue for months now and everytime I use black glue I tend to skip my liner application to make life easier =P I notice that black glue will hide the gap between my real lashes and falsies pretty well!  Black glue rocks! Urm.. If you have brown eyelash then black glue might not be the best option....

I apply thin strip of the glue at the backbone of the falsies. While for me I use a stick (applicator?) because whenever I squeeze the glue out of the tube and apply it straight to the lash bone, I end up with a lot of excess product. What a waste.

Wait for them to feel sticky and place the falsies as near as possible to my really lashes. Work from the outer corner in. Then I pinch the falsies with my real lashes. And done!! If you are used to these steps you can finish them in less than one and a half minutes.

Fyi, I normally don't curl or put mascara on my real lashes. No matter how waterproof the mascara is, they will still smudge on me. I hate it when I have the panda eye effect.  You can skip the curling and mascara if your real lashes is very short (like mine) or if they blend in with the falsies well =D

I really don't like transparent glue as well. Occasionally, when the glue is having her PMS moment, the glue will decide not to dry clear and when this happen I will have a white clump on my falsies! Yucks!

After putting your falsies now its time to remove them =P

All you need is make up remover and a cotton pad.

Btw, Simple make up remover is NOT GENTLE!. They irritates my eyes! Totally no no no no!
Move on, wet your cotton pad. Make sure it is moist enough.

Next, press the cotton pad gently on your lashes and start wiggling =D. Wiggle your cotton pad on the falsies to loosen up the glue :)

*wiggle wiggle*
*shake left shake right*
After wiggling the cotton pad for few seconds your falsies will fall out by itself! No more pulling no more pain =D That is why I am so comfortable wearing falsies every day :) Better than having panda eye whenever I apply mascara on for sure!

When you took of the falsies already continue to clean the residue of the glue from your lashes =D

Done! Clean your face as per usual! 

It is more advisable to strip off the glue residue from your falsies right after you take them off as well. If you leave them overnight the glue might harden.

For me, each of my falsies can be use up to 6-10 times wear. I do take care of them because I wear them everyday and to change every single day will definitely burn my wallet =(

Hope the info helps. For the application part you can choose to follow the steps that you are comfortable doing =) While the removing part, wiggling the the moist cotton pad really helps if you want to remove your falsies the painless way :)

If you have other tips other than this share them!! =D I need to improve more=D

Btw, I am wearing my favourite shirt "I love nerds" =P

Disclaimer: only the cute nerds =D
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