16 November 2010

Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration SPF15

It's time for moisturizer people!!

I don't know how many of you have actually heard about this brand. I don't think Malaysia have this..Do they? I got this sample size moisturizer for free when I was queuing up to make payment at Sephora Singapore. Because the queue was so damn long they gave us each a 15ml tube of Boscia for our patience (I so damn love Sephora!!) . I am very skeptical on what I put on my face. Even though I don't have sensitive skin, I don't simply slap my face with free product when I got them. Plus I have this mentality that free stuff sucks. Yea blame the way I was raised. "Nothing is free"  =P

I actually start using this sample size out of desperation. You see.. One day when I travel I forget to bring along my moisturizer. Since I never clean up my handbag, this is the only thing I had. Since I already have it with me, I might as well use it.Honestly I was pretty impressed with the texture and the after feel =D

My face is combination dry skin. As the name suggest it is oil free. I have been told that oily product is not good for the skin because you might get Milia (oil seed). So far I have had two and I removed them already. Yay!

The product feels very light on the skin. Not in very thick consistency. What I love the most about this product is the smell. Some of you might not like it tho. The product smell herbal-ly. Good thing that it is preservative free as well.

My face occasionally tends to shine especially on the forehead, and I notice this product controls oil pretty well. I am talking on behalf people who have combination dry skin here. If you are super oily I am not too sure then. But sometimes when my face feel dehydrated this moisturizer is not enough to keep my face moisturize (so I assumed this will be better off wE s@
r7U P RP / . When my fa. When my face feel super dehydrated normally I will use my Dermalogica smoothing cream =)

According to the website this product are meant for people with normal to oily skin and combination. Seriously, so far this is the MOST oil free moisturizer I have ever tried. After applying, my skin feel so smooth. For my skin, I practically didn't shine the whole time. Pretty awesome. I love this stuff.

For those of you who are looking for the perfect moisturizer you ought to try this one out!  You don't have to buy the full size product. Just try the sample size will do.
 I am a bit stingy when it comes to applying my product. I apply them just the perfect amount needed to cover my entire face, nothing more and nothing less. That is why my product can last me pretty long time =D

Like most of us always say, great stuff always come with a great price tag =) For my student purse this thing is pretty expensive. I am not too sure how much this is retailing in Sephora Singapore. Will update the price when I go over. But in their website the full size product which is 40ml is retailing at USD36
[UPDATE] 40ml is retailing at SGD55.

Ps: this product is actually one of their bestseller! Cheh..No wonder so nice.

If you have super oily skin and you tried this product before share it with me!! =) 
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