04 November 2010

The Balm: Mary-Lou Manizer & Bahama Mama

I think I am in love with this brand. =P Well I got mine at Sasa Singapore. The Balm is actually available in Sasa Malaysia as well but I never notice them previously maybe because the display look so messy and unorganized.. I don't even bother checking them out. Seriously people, organize!! organize! Look at Selective Sasa in Empire Gallery, I love being there. The display, the ambiance feels more professional. While in pyramid it's like..urghh.. messy.. Plus I get better reward with Sasa Singapore. =D

Enough complaining. 

I bought a bronzer and a highlighter both by The Balm. Okay I will be honest here. I bought these two items MAINLY because of the packaging. Yeap.. you heard read me right. The packaging. I honestly really really love their packaging!!! But hey...their products are not bad either! Serious!

Meet Bahama Mama! The bronzer!
 Love this bronzer. Kinda hard to find matte bronzer around, aside from the high end brands. This one is kinda expensive for me as well but I love the packaging! =( I got this for SGD 29.90, its retailing at RM65 in Sasa Malaysia.

Light swatch for the bronzer. 

Next is the Mary-Lou Manizer aka The Luminizer.

See the packaging how not to love? How? This is new arrival I guess because when I bought it early October they were having introduction price for this item. Not in Sasa Malaysia however. I got this 10% off SGD36.90. I think this is retailing in Sasa Malaysia for RM85? Correct me if I am wrong.

As you can see from the box this highlighter can be used as a shimmer and eyeshadow as well =) Pretty!

Definitely gonna love these packaging products with all my heart =P Both are great products. Aside from their oh-so-lovely packaging that truly resembles my attitude =P their stuff are pretty pigmented too! You should really check their eyeshadow palette. I totally love the new limited edition Vol2. Its just that the price are tad bit expensive  =( RM120 for 9 colors. For 9 colors its worth it but forking out RM120 at one go is a bit painful ='( Truly love the green in that palette!
Maybe next month...Hmm..

If not because of money constraint I would have purchased their Down Boy blusher! "So many men so little time!" And if not because I don't wear mascara I would have bought their Two-Timer mascara as well!
They have new palette as well complete with all the products that I want!!! Argh!!! Why I only found out about this now! =(  DAMMIT!

And my birthday is still far away! ISH!

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