22 October 2010

Doll Lash. Go gaga over falsies!

You might have already know that I am a falsies girl. Yes I go crazy over falsies!. When I first started, I started off with the falsies in pasar malam and I only wear them whenever I go out partying. Now after trying so many brands available, I realised the pasar malam ones are really hard to stick on and they feel really heavy!!! I guess in this situation cheap with quality doesn't go along hand in hand eh?

Now after getting out of my comfort zone and be comfy with falsies I venture out to try more brands and try less dramatic ones. Right now I wear them almost every single day =) They make me feel better about myself actually  =P  So far, I've tried few brands, from Ardell, Shu Uemura, Doll Lash, Dolly Wink, Can Make, 3000 hours and few other brands available from Sasa and our local drugstore. My favourite for natural looking one would definitely be from Doll Lash. I love Ardell falsies as well but they are too long for me. And when they are too long they tend to look fake. Doll Lash is more natural looking on me =D

Here are the top two most natural looking lashes on me. I love them to bits! and they are pretty affordable! Cheaper than getting Ardell for sure =D And they are available locally here (malaysia)!! =D Ardell is available in Malaysia as well. But they only have Stunning and Elegant in Sasa. Urgh..

Below are the DN002. I love this the most. They look similar to Ardell but shorter =)

This one kinda look like falsies I like from CanMake. But the one from CanMake is RM22.90...nyeehhhh expensive!

Me with my Doll Lash falsies in DN002. Love Love Love them! I even buy extra one for my sister in law!
(Darn obvious I just finish shower :p )
All pink box falsies from Doll Lash is RM19.80 each. Prety cheap when you compare them to any other brands that are available in the shopping malls. =D

Aside from the natural looking falsies they have a lot more dramatic and crazy looking choices available.
Really perfect for parties. And you don't have to fork out more than RM40 to own one! I love the SD010. Even though they are thick they feel less heavy when I compare them to my Shu Uemura lashes.
Most of the lashes are priced at RM19.80 to RM27.80. Few are retailing at RM35.80

The small tiny beads didn't stick long on the lashes. So I glued them back with my lash glue :)
For DD003 they have the lashes alone without the beads. And I love it. I think I might get it soon =D

Can you see the purple gradient? Isn't it pweety? I just love it! =D

Now Doll Lash is my definite number one choice!

For their eyelash glue, its retailing at RM13.80. The glue came in 3 in 1 packaging meaning you you will have 3 tubes for RM13.80. The idea of having the glue in small packaging is really awesome to prevent them from drying. But the glue packaging is really small. For clumsy and messy people like me you might lost it =P Hehehe. Their tube packaging is almost similar to toothpaste packaging. Which I don't really like.. Plastic tube would have been better =)

Disclaimer: The yellow and grey box eyelashes were given free for review. But I love their lashes long before they gave me the free ones. =D The 2 pink box lashes are bought with my own money much earlier on =D
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