01 November 2010

Britney Spears Circus- Fantasy EDP

I love Britney songs =D But when she launched her new perfumes I am not so interested. Mainly because I am not so into celebrities perfumes. I bought Paris Hilton perfume previously, the one with the purplish pink with black stripes bottle. I bought it during warehouse sale so thinking logically was out of the picture then. After I got home I realised that I hated it, so I sold it off to my friend. Lol.

Since then I am not even curious when celebrities come up with their own perfume line.

BUT! I really really love this perfume! Honestly I never take a sniff at it before =P and never even see the bottle or packaging. Anyway, I won this perfume during HOT birthday bash party in Euphoria KL.

Honestly, I don't really know how to review perfume but I'll try =D

I love perfumes that have floral smell. I am not a big fan of fruity smell. Yuks! or any overly sweet perfumes. This one smell really fresh. Some people might hate it because it smells a bit soapy. But I am okay with that.

It is a bit sweet but not those candy sweet type. I don't know... There is something nice about the smell that makes me love it so much :)  I seriously can't explain. If you are interested you have to smell it yourself =P
For reference, I love Diamond from Giorgio Armani, and Cheap and Chic from Moschino. These 2 perfumes are actually the top in my list =D and I've repurchased both of them once :)

I am particularly in love with the bottle as well! How cute!!

During that even we took really little pictures which sad me to the max =(
Quality kinda bad too. Forgive me.

Tell me what is your favourite perfume. Maybe when I finish up all my perfumes I'll go and check them out =)

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