21 September 2010

UNII Palette And Lip Tar Part 2

Well probably by now some of you are starting to get tired with my Unii Palette and Lip Tar craze =P Sorry for that. I just can't help it. :p I never imagine I would end up buying more than one Unii Palette and buying more than 2 colors of Lip Tar =P So bear with me. The post gonna be short =D

Here is the latest Lip Tar and Unii Palette that I owned :)
You can read my previous Unii Palette and Lip Tar posts for more detailed reviews.

Recently, I just ordered a white Unii Palette and 4 colors of Lip Tar.

The white Unii Palette is gorgeous but I guess it is not my cuppa tea. Too bad Yellow is already sold out :(

My new Lip Tar colors.

Here are the swatches for the Lip Tar

This time I ordered Hush, Petty Beige, Feathered and RX.

If you notice the blue above is kinda liquidy. Well, If you keep them too long without using, the color might separate from the oil. To get the consistent texture just flip the tube from the other way you keep it. This will normally do the trick :)

I don't know if this is just me or everybody out there is having the same problem, but most of the colors doesn't really look good on my lips. I am talking  about normal colors, like hush, petty beige, and momento. Most of them look extremely weird. Like hush, the color will look very pale on me. I hE @ Z
r7U PdhS P $ mixing is a must for Lip Tar! I guess if any of you out there having the same problem I'm hmixing is a must for Lip Tar! I guess if any of you out there having the same problem I'm having, one color is definitely not enough aye? :D

Here are some of the colors after mixing.
I guess purple is easier to achieve. So no point on having purple in my collection right?



Petty Beige


I went to Singapore Casino in Marina Bay Sand and I lose! How can a person enter and win?!?! Urgh! Life is not fair! I need more money to do shopping!!!!!

I postphone my IPL treatment to October. Apparently, one cannot do anything to ones hair prior to the treatment. They said you have to leave your hair 5 days without plucking or shaving. Stupid me I go and pluck them the day before my appointment. I can't stand it! When the teeny weeny hair grow. my armpit will get very very itchy!!! =(
 I guess you guys just have to wait til I go back to Singapore:)

Its raining so heavy now! With lightning and thunder!! I'm going to hide under my blanket!!! *shivers*
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