16 June 2010

Balo Chili Slimming Gel & Body cell Roller

Well to deliver my promise. Here it is Balo Chilli Slimming Gel! =D

This is actually a smaller tube which is 85ml only. They have the 200ml one I think. I bought this for RM7.50. Cheap huh??? I don't know what would the effect be on my skin. Nothing bad I hope *cross finger* I have such a beautiful skin. kekeke.... =P 

 I did googled for reviews on this product before I bought it and no bad review so far. Only good ones. So I feel.. aahhh what the heck.

Lets start with the review.. Hmmmm.. Like in my previous post my skin is not sensitive. I don't feel any warm, hot or burning sensation with Skin Nutrition product. And their product is not cheap! Maybe its me. I have stubborn fats (that's what the Bizzy Body consultant always say).

After I shower, pat dry, I applied this gel. According to reviews written by fellow user =p, it's best to use it little by little to avoid over heating. I followed accordingly. I keep adding until I feel it was useless! Still not hot, not even warm feeling. I gave up. Little did I know 4 hours later. Yes! FOUR hours later my tummy and fingers start to feel hot. Kinda like when you accidentally pinch a chilli with your bare fingers. Ya, like that!

I'm so happy!! At least I found a product that works for me!!! So while the heat is still on I added a bit more =D For me I like the feeling. It feels like my fats are 'dying' and screaming for help. Bwahahaha!!

Actually I don't have a very obvious cellulite, but as a prevention and to slim down a bit more I decided to try. After this tube I might buy the bigger tube (200ml) Then only I write another follow up post. Might buy the SHILLS Body Pop Foam. Kinda sucker for all this Taiwan, Japanese, and Korea products now. When once upon a time I anti them so much! =p

I bought this as well. Cellulite roller =p

 Since I got no money to go for slimming massage twice a week this will do I guess :) I read a review on this that it will actually works if you use it everyday for at least 15minutes. Haih.. long term effect, but what to do no money to spend ='(

ps: remember to use the surgical gloves if you don't want your fingers to get hot.
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