30 April 2010

I am a Tiger.

One of my friend have been nagging me to put up my nail pictures on Facebook, but I figured out that my blog seems to be more appropriate place to do it =D

I love nail arts. I can't do the 3D designs. And I know it won't last long. I tried fake nails but on me it didn't last long  either =P. Plus all the 3D designs are so flowery and sweet!!! It seriously WILL NOT match my personality..
FYI, I don't have even a single book about nails. I just googled whenever I want to find new design or tips. Hey, I paid RM98 for my Celcom broadband okay!

So far, I mix and match design that I found online to make them MY design =P. Like what people say about assignment " When you copy from one person it is plagiarism, but when you copy from many, it is research"

For me, there are no rules to follow when painting your nails. When preparing your nails before you paint it, yes, you have rules..

But the most important step among all is, never ever forget to rub some Vitamin E on your nail and let it breathe for few minutes before putting a new color on top. Better still, let your nails rest for 1-2 days. But for me, I don't like the sight of my nail without any manicure, same goes with toenails. They look naked that way.

I love getting pampered. But to have all my nails to be pampered at least once a week, I will get seriously broke! And as a future accountant, I made an estimation, if I were to get my nails done every week and let say we go for the basic one which is roughly RM30. For a year, if I do all the manicure and pedicure myself, I can buy a Louis Vuitton handbag already!!!

So now, I am going to share how TO SAVE MONEY on manicure and pedicure and use the money to SPEND ON SHOPPING =D

We gonna use this colors. Fyi, I don't buy expensive nail polish. I don't know why. Even the OPI below  is not mine. But recently I found a way to get it at cheaper price =D. Preorder from USA. Roughly RM10-RM15 cheaper than retail! Yipee!!!

I really love Etude House nail polish remover! I have been using their nail polish remover for 2 years now. I just love the smell. And you can get rid all those glittery nail polish even more efficient and effective than any other brand. =D And I love Etude House princess series as well! Well, I am a sucker for glittery stuff.
But recently I fall in love with OPI Suede Series =D

If you don't have the colors above fret not, you can use any other colors that you like but draw the same design. I think The Face shop have almost similar gold color to the OPI (Curry up don't be late) above.

Another thing to remember, if you are right-handed, your left hand have to be stable and vice versa. No shaky shaky. God bless you, if you can use both hand!

My nails I paint before hand.

Since, I never let my nails breathe. I don't have a nice nail colour to pull of a French manicure. So I use the Clear Pink from Elianto to pull it off =) When the clear pink dry, top it with the OPI gold. You really don't need the French manicure sticker to do this. In fact, I think the sticker is a waste of money. RM9.90 for a pack leh!!

Then you top up the OPI gold with Elianto Shinning Gold. 

Manicure DONE!

Now the feet =D

Apply 2 layers of the OPI gold.

Then the Shinning Gold from Elianto.

Then draw some abstract line for the Tigery look =D Rarrrwww....
 The tips is to simply draw the lines to make it look like real tiger stripes =) You definitely can go Zebra with this too! =P


I'll put more when I have time =)

Now lets go shopping for shoes!! I'm going club tonight!
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