20 June 2009

Jalan Jalan Singapore- Clarke Quay

Jalan-jalan around Clarke Quay. Nothing much. Quite happening tho =)

Singapore's sling shot. I have to go on one of these!

Rows of restaurant..So many ang mos!

Settle down in Tapas restaurant a Spannish restaurant at Clarke Quay.
Things we ordered.

Singapore sling.

Midori sour.

Pan Con Tomate. Basically bread with tomato puree on it. Still prefer Garlic Bread.

Calamares fritos. Squid.

Patatas Salteadas Con Chorizo. Pork sausage with some herbs. Little bit salty.

Its beef. Forgotten the name.

Salmon al Horno

And some dessert.

Macha and Durian.

til then...
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