20 June 2009

Jalan Jalan Singapore- Marche in Vivo City

Lets keep it simple and easy *lazy* =p
Marche in Singapore, located at the rrof top of Vivo City. There is one in The Curve KL too.

No photo allowed. So pardon me for some of the very blur picture =P.  The concept of the restaurant is more like a market. Where they give you a card every time you order they will swipe it at respective counter. Like credit card. You will only pay when you are about to leave =) I have no idea how the Marche in KL works but should be the same.

Dessert is a must for my bf. Be it ice cream, pudding, drinks... I'm the one getting all the fats! He? Stay thin FOREVER!!!

Then we head to Takashimaya for shopping!!! My first Juicy Couture!! =p

Love everything!! Thank you baby!!!

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